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Technique: Tempering chocolate

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Technique without thermometer


To obtain good results in molding or coating with a chocolate of

cover, it is important to temper or adjust it.

Untempered melted chocolate will result in a dull, mottled or bleached finish and

will be difficult to unmold.



  • Couverture chocolate* in pastilles or chopped with a knife into small pieces - quantity according to your needs

  • Microwave oven or bain-marie

  • Bowl for melting chocolate (double boiler = metal bowl, microwave = plastic bowl)

  • Rubber spatula


Summary of the technique: You heat the chocolate to bring it to a liquid state, you then incorporate chocolate pieces or pastilles while mixing to lower its temperature and bring it to its crystallization point. Finally, you heat it slightly as needed to melt the remaining crystals. The chocolate is then ready to use.



  • To find out if the chocolate is properly tempered, dip a piece of waxed paper in it and leave at room temperature. After 3 to 4 minutes, the chocolate should harden to a satin finish. If it does not harden or if the finish is dull or mottled, this is an indication that you need to add a little more of the pastille or pieces again to lower the temperature of the chocolate to the point of crystallization.

  • It is normal for tempered chocolate to thicken over time. To restore its fluidity, reheat it for a few seconds and mix. Be careful not to overheat: you will then need to add a little chocolate in pastilles or pieces to start the tempering and crystallization process again.

  • To make molding or coating work easier, use more chocolate than necessary: it will retain its fluidity for longer.

  • As long as you don't add anything to the chocolate (liquid, sugar, etc.), it can be reused for future preparations. Pour the remaining melted chocolate into a plastic container and let it harden.

* Couverture chocolate: A name often a guarantee of quality. Couverture chocolate is usually composed of cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar (whole milk), soy lecithin and vanilla.

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