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Technique: Molding hollow subjects in chocolate

Moulages sujets creux
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Make your own Easter, Christmas or Valentine's Day castings. Here is the basic technique for making beautiful chocolate pieces from molds that you can buy in pastry supply stores. Thermoformed plastic molds are very affordable and give good results.


Required accessories:

  • Chocolate molds (eggs, various subjects, etc.), clean and dry

  • Suspicious

  • Bowl (as wide as the mold)

  • Pastry brush

  • Long metal spatula (as long as the width of the mold)

  • Waxed paper on work surface




500 to 1000 gr. Quality couverture chocolate* You will adjust the quantity of chocolate according to the number of pieces to make and the size of each piece.





  1. Bring the chocolate to the point (see the recipe: Tempering the chocolate );

  2. Quickly apply a first layer of chocolate with a brush, avoiding going over the chocolate already applied;

  3. Leave to harden for a few minutes at room temperature;

  4. Using the ladle, fill the mold with chocolate to the rim. For large molds, put chocolate in the bottom of the mold and turn it in your hands to coat it with chocolate up to the edge;

  5. Lightly tap the mold on the counter ten times to release any air bubbles that may be trapped at the bottom;

  6. Invert the mold over the bowl and empty it by tapping its sides. Leave an even layer of approximately 3-5 mm. chocolate in the mold;

  7. Place pan upside down on waxed paper-lined work surface;

  8. Once the chocolate is slightly set, scrape the mold with the spatula to remove the excess;

  9. Place in the refrigerator until the chocolate is cool to the touch;

  10. Unmold.



Technique for gluing pieces (example: gluing 2 egg halves together or gluing the right and left side of a rabbit):


Technique 1.


  1. Spread a little melted chocolate on the edge to be glued and join the two parts together

  2. Leave to harden



Technique 2


  1. Put very hot water in a pan with a clean, flat bottom to heat it;

  2. Drain the water and turn the pan upside down, drying the bottom if necessary;

  3. Slide one of the parts to be glued onto the hot bottom of the pan to lightly melt the edge and apply to the other part. Leave to harden.


Variation: Temper contrasting chocolate (milk, white or bittersweet) to add decorations in the mold. Make the decorations with a brush, paper bag or finger and allow to harden before proceeding with the molding steps.

* At Érico, we offer a choice of more than 25 different couverture chocolates sold in pastilles.


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