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Discover the chocolate museum

In the room next to the shop, a charming chocolate museum opens its doors to you.

In this space created by museologist designers, you will travel from the Mayan era to the present day, exploring more than 200 unique pieces from Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe.

You will even be able to catch a glimpse of our master chocolatiers at work preparing each piece of chocolate with meticulousness and passion. Let yourself be tempted by this gourmet experience and learn more about the world of chocolate!

Young boy exploring the Érico Chocolate Museum


How to visit the museum?

Visiting the museum is free and self-guided. On your arrival, you are invited to head towards the exhibition room to freely begin your visit. At your own pace, discover the fascinating history of cocoa and chocolate. The duration of the visit is approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending on everyone's interest.

No reservations are required for groups of 2 to 10 people. For groups of more than 10 people, reservations are recommended. The museum can accommodate 20 people at a time. For groups of more than 20 people, it will be necessary to divide them.

To reserve or obtain more information, contact us by phone at 418-524-2122 or complete our form.

Little girl discovering the Érico Chocolate Museum
Little girl looking at a work from the Érico Chocolate Museum

Booking form

For groups of more than 10 people*

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