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Table avec chocolat sous différentes formes, en poudre, en pépites et en tablette

Enjoy chocolate all over again

Érico, master chocolatier, creative chocolate factory and chocolate museum.

Pleasure mission

Offering artisanal creations with unique flavors

Photo of the front facade of Érico

At your service since 1987

A passion that has lasted for over 30 years

Recognized know-how

Multiple award-winning expertise

Creative chocolate workshop

Original and innovative creations

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We offer much more than fine chocolate, with our various personalized services for individuals and businesses.

Deux petites filles en train de manger une glace d'Érico


An authentic and tasty story, since 1987

Érico was founded in 1987 by Éric Normand, a dessert and chocolate enthusiast. With a devouring passion and the desire to offer the best fine chocolates in Quebec, Éric undertook his entrepreneurial adventure in the sweet world of chocolate making.

Exterior facade of the Érico chocolate factory
Gregory R.

The best chocolate shop I've ever been to in North America. Everything is delicious at Érico, but my favorites are their chocolate cakes, chocolate fondants and truffles. They also have a cute little chocolate museum and a little window overlooking the back where they make all the delicious sweets.

Sophie B.

It was the coldest day of winter in old Quebec. Érico hot chocolate made with dark chocolate is one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had in my life!! Beautiful chocolate shop! I focused on the hot chocolate this time but I would definitely go back to try their chocolates. Great discovery!!


The chocolate lover that I am will find what he's looking for here. I stock up on chocolate powder there. Originally, it was the chocolate cake, with its beautiful ice cream, that made me fall for it. Desserts and filled chocolates are prepared on site. The list of my favorites would be too long to list.

Kumar R.

A must-visit for chocolate lovers. Their hot chocolate is simply divine.


Fall for our gourmet collections

Assortments of fine chocolates, made with respect for the art of chocolate making, with fresh and natural ingredients.


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