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Recipe: Dark Chocolate Rocks with Fresh Blueberries

Rochers aux bleuets
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Recipe for a fifteen rock recipe:

Accessories :


  • Mixing bowl

  • Tea spoon




  • 200 g of organic Peruvian chocolate with 65% cocoa in pastilles*, developed

  • 200 g fresh, dried blueberries at room temperature


(Important: If the blueberries are wet, pat them dry with paper towels - the moisture will cause the chocolate to thicken instantly)




  1. Bring the chocolate to the point (see Tempering the couverture chocolate );

  2. Pour tempered chocolate into a small mixing bowl;

  3. Pour the blueberries into the bowl and mix gently but quickly with a teaspoon;

  4. Without wasting time, use a spoon to arrange the blueberry chocolate into small rocks on a sheet of waxed paper;

  5. Cool for a few minutes in the refrigerator


Store these chocolates in a cool place and consume them within 5 days.

* Available at Érico in our selection of products for preparing pastries and chocolates


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