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Thermoformed molding

We can have thermoformed plastic molds made to make chocolate logos with an embossed or engraved image. These reusable molds allow you to make chocolates with custom shapes and thicknesses.

Manufacturing steps – molded chocolates

  1. You send us, by email, your logo in black and white, on a PDF or JPG file in high resolution

  2. We establish the concept of your logo together (shape, appearance, approximate final cost)

  3. We take care of having your molds manufactured according to the established concept

  4. Once the molds have been received, we can produce your chocolate logos on request.

Price of making molds*

  • Standard mold manufacturing cost: $675 + taxes for 25 molds (minimum)

  • Mold manufacturing times: 2 to 4 weeks

  • 25 additional molds $300 + taxes

Chocolate making price*

For a ¼” (6 mm) thick chocolate logo, calculate an approximate cost of 26¢ per square inch of surface area (plus taxes).

Example: Logo 1 ¼ in X 1 ¼ in = 1.56 in² X 26¢ = 40¢

Metric Conversion: Calculate .040¢ per cm²

Miscellaneous notes

  • Chocolate Logos can be made with our 64%* extra-bitter white milk chocolate.

  • Once the molds are made, manufacturing times can be quite short (2 to 7 days depending on quantities), except during holiday periods (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter) when longer lead times must be expected .

  • There is no minimum quantity required to order your chocolate logos. The molds are relatively durable and can be reused repeatedly. They will be stored at the chocolate factory for all future orders.

For more information, contact Cédric ALLAIN or Éric LOUINET at 418 524-2122 or by email at .

* Prices may change without notice.


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