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Techniques: Preserving chocolate

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Chocolate is a porous material that easily absorbs humidity and odors, its worst enemies. The shelf life of chocolate varies depending on its composition (filled chocolate or pure chocolate) and the care given to its storage.

Chocolate left in the ambient air without packaging gradually loses

its taste and absorbs surrounding odors.


Storage of filled chocolates


Chocolates filled with cream, fruit or other perishable products generally keep for between 2 and 4 weeks in a cool, dry place (12 to 14 C.). If you don't have a cool, dry place, you can place the chocolates in the refrigerator in airtight packaging to protect them from humidity and odors. Allow the chocolates to cool to room temperature before removing them from the packaging to avoid any condensation on them.

Always eat filled chocolates at room temperature, so you can appreciate all the flavor and texture.

Storage of chocolate to which nothing has been added (pure chocolate)

Pure chocolate pieces will keep for a month and even much longer if they are well protected from heat, humidity, light and odors. It is not necessary to place these in the refrigerator, a cool or temperate room will do. To ensure best preservation, place the chocolate in airtight packaging.

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