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Technique: Fork dipping

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One of the working techniques for making filled chocolates is dipping with a fork. Any preparation with a firm texture can be coated in this way (ganache, praline, firm caramel, almond paste, nuts, etc.). It is possible to buy a dipping fork in pastry accessory stores . Choose a fork with long, thin tines (forks with metal tines are best). A traditional fork could also work: choose one with thin tines.



  • 500 g of couverture chocolate*

  • Interiors to soak at room temperature



  1. Bring the chocolate to the point (see the recipe: Tempering the chocolate);

  2. Pour into a heavy bowl, not too deep;

  3. Place the inside to dip in the chocolate and coat completely with a fork;

  4. Take out the inside of the bowl with the fork and tap it lightly against the rim to remove excess chocolate;

  5. Place on a sheet of waxed paper, decorate with a touch of a fork or a decorative element (e.g. hazelnut) and leave to set.

*At Érico, we offer a choice of more than 25 different couverture chocolates sold in pastilles.


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