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Screen printing

We can reproduce a logo, a simple image or text with a high quality finish on filled chocolates or chocolate bars. The element to be reproduced is worked on the computer and printed with colored cocoa butter on a transfer sheet using a screen printing process. The print is then transferred to filled chocolates or chocolate slabs.

Screen printing is ideal for obtaining a clear and opaque reproduction, without shades, on dark or milk chocolates. Several colors are available and it is possible to print more than one color on a chocolate.

Taking into account the applicable file opening fees and printing minimums, this technique is more advantageous for orders of large quantities (250 chocolates and more).

File opening fees

Fees of $250 (one color), $375 (two colors) + taxes apply to the first order for computer work, preparation and delivery of the printing silk (reusable thereafter).

Filled chocolates printed in screen printing

  • Format: Square of 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 1cm Weight: 9 g

  • Coverage: Milk chocolate, semi-bitter 60%, extra-bitter 70% or white.

  • Suggested interiors: Chocolate caramel, fleur de sel caramel, maple butter, maple syrup caramel, fruit fondant.

  • Optional interiors: All of our filling recipes can be used inside your chocolates (additional charge may apply).

Filled chocolate - Price based on quantities (taxes not included)

Quantity (minimum 250)

Unit price*

Price including opening costs*

250 to 499



500 to 999



1000 and more



Printing on chocolate plate

  • Printed element: Monochrome logo or image (without shade nuances)

  • Plate thickness: 1/8 in (4 mm)

  • Chocolate: Milk, white, semi-bitter 60% (extra-bitter 70% available at an additional cost)

Plates - Prices based on formats and quantities (taxes not included)

Manufacturing delays

Production times for screen-printed chocolates are 15 to 21 days, except during holiday periods (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter) when longer lead times must be expected.

*Prices may change without notice.

For more information, contact Cédric ALLAIN or Éric LOUINET. At 418 524-2122 or by email at .

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