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GrandCru chocolate truffles (Valrhona)

Les Truffes Grand Cru
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A creation from the Ecole du Grand Chocolat.


For around 30 truffles


Required accessories:


  • Bowl or cul-de-poule

  • Rubber spatula

  • Pastry bag with round nozzle of approximately 12 mm

  • Waxed paper


Ingredients :


  • 150 g Cream

  • 100 g Guanaja Chocolate* with 70% cocoa

  • 90 g Taïnori Chocolate (Dominican Republic)* with 64% cocoa

  • 30 g Softened butter (soft)

  • 25 g Honey

  • Cocoa Powder*


Preparation :


  • Melt the chocolate, taking care not to burn it.

  • Boil the cream and honey, then pour 1/3 of it over the chocolate.

  • Proceed in the same way as when making mayonnaise, i.e. mix vigorously using a spatula. Then add the cream little by little.

  • Incorporate your softened butter and mix until completely absorbed.

  • Leave to cool until you can pipe the ganache.

  • Form small balls on waxed paper. Let cool completely. Remove the balls from the paper, roll them between your palms to obtain a regular shape and dip them in the cocoa powder.


Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Temper before eating.

* Available at Érico in our selection of products for preparing pastries and chocolates


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