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Beer and Chocolate pairings

Chocolate and beer have a lot in common: bitterness, roasting aroma, fruity notes, hints of spices, caramel taste...


We tasted the excellent products of the Unibroue brewery and here we offer you marriages of our chocolates with six of their delicious beers.

Blanche of Chambly

White beer 5% alcohol

Velvety beer with aromas of wheat, citrus and spices

Recommended chocolates: Naranja, Lemon Lime, Montezuma


Abbey beer (8% alcohol)

Balanced tasting beer, with flavors of caramelized sugar and roasting. Spicy finish.

Recommended chocolates: Fleur de Sel, Doux Plaisir

Three pistols

Abbey beer (9% alcohol)

Balanced and ample beer on the palate, with notes of ripe fruit, chocolate and grains, slightly smoked.

Recommended chocolates: Cappucino, Antigua, Forbidden Fruit

Black from Chambly

Dark beer (6.2% alcohol)

Beer with flavor of roasted grains, smoke and spices. Chocolate finish.

Recommended chocolates: Chipotle, Star Anise, Tango

Blonde from Chambly

Blonde beer (5% alcohol)

Frank acidity of lemongrass followed by a honeyed and peppery sweetness. Floral and astringent finish.

Recommended chocolates: Lavender Flower, Rucher


Abbey beer (10.5% alcohol)

Dark brown beer with subtle fruit flavors, enhanced with notes of Madeira wine.

Recommended chocolates: Butter Pecans, Grand Arôme Truffle

Tips for a tasting activity

  • Serve small amounts of beer to accompany the chocolates, about 2 to 3 ounces per type of beer, to keep you thirsty and hungry until the end.

  • Make spring water and pieces of bread (baguette bread cubes) available to participants to neutralize tastes between tastings.

  • Take a bite of chocolate and enjoy it peacefully. Then take a sip of beer to combine the aromas and flavors.

  • Taste in progressive order: start with the mildest beer and end with the most intense.


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