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Erico's pastries and delicacies

The secret of Érico's irresistible charm rests in the chocolatiers and their skill in blending the flavour of chocolate with a rich array of other ingredients. Érico's pastries are an undeniable proof of this!

Classic Chocolat Cake

The ultimate dream for chocolate lovers, this traditional double layer chocolate cake is from a recipe found in one of Érico's grandmother's old recipe books. Made with Dutch cocoa this moist chocolate cake is covered with a genours layer of our rich and creamy chocolate frosting!


Ideal as a birthday cake, the Classic Chocolate Cake is available for takeout in two sizes: 8 inches (10 -15 servings) and 9 inches (12 to 18 servings).  A 24 hour reservation is required.

Erico's Entremets (desserts)

Add a memorable finish to your meal with an Érico entremet! These delicious entremets are prepared with quality ingredients: Chocolate, fruit puree and whipped cream…


Your choices:

Au choix:  

· "Nuances" (mousses of 64% chocolate and raspberry-blackcurrant with a chocolate cookie base),

· “Royal” (64% chocolate mousse with hazelnut praline and crunchy feuilletine and a dacquoise cookie base).

· “Trois chocolats” (white, milk and dark chocolate mousses atop a chocolate cookie)


Usually available for same day orders.


Érico entremets are available in several sizes: single serving, 6 servings, 10-12 servings and 15-18 servings. The biggest serving size is only available by order 4-5 days in advance. For the holidays, our entremets are available in the shape of Yule logs. 

Chocolate "Éclair"

This essential of the French pastry is in the spotlight in its original recipe: a beautiful "pâte à choux", a tasty chocolate (64% cocoa) pastry cream and a dark chocolate icing.


Very sweet on the palate and melting chocolate flavors.

Soft Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Fresh from the oven every morning, our flavourful chocolate cookies are always soft and tender. Bursting with chocolate chunks, they are available in a variety of more than 15 enticing flavours offered alternately.  


They are sold by the cookie or in boxes of 8 or 14 cookies.

Chocolate Brownies and Blondies

Chocolate lovers can indulge themselves with our extremely decadant, extra bitter chocolate chunk Brownies, our classic walnut and bittersweet chocolate Brownies topped with a bittersweet ganache or our mouthwatering Three Chocolates Blondies. They are sold individually or in boxes of 4 or 8 pieces.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Made with the same dough as our Classic Chocolate Cake, these enticing Cupcakes are filled with Fleur de sel caramel, raspberry purée or chocolate fondant. They are then covered with a rosette of ganache made with milk, white or extra bitter chocolate.

Extra bitter "Moelleux"

With its molten chocolate center, this single-servig, Mi-Cuit chocolate cake is impossible to resist. Made with extra bitter Belgium chocolate (72% cocoa), it will melt the heart of any chocoholic at first bite!


Preparation: Preheated oven to 350 ° F and bake for 18 minutes if frozen, or 14 minutes if refrigerated and serve immediately.

Irresistible Origin Chocolate Macarons

Made in traditional European fashion, these delicate meringue cookies made with cocoa and almond powder are filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache which combines Costa Rica (64% cocoa) and Tanzania (75% cocoa) chocolates. They will delight your taste buds!

Chocolate Fudge and Sucre à la Crème

The first products marketed by Érico in 1987. The recipes have not changed since: Squares of chocolate fudge or "sucre à la crème" rich and melting!

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