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Using Érico’s own, time tested recipes, the chocolatiers/pastry chefs carefully make the numerous chocolate products available at the chocolaterie. Their method is designed with great respect for the ingredients and close attention to hygienic conditions.


Regularly tasting the products, the advisers have developed an expertise with flavour. They will gladly, and with great care, give enlightening advice to the undecided, thrill the connoisseur, and surprise the daring amateur in search of a new experience.


Éric Normand, founder


Éric Normand grew up surrounded by good food. In 1987, this imaginative epicure decided to start to start his own business. His plan: Start a small fudge-making company and later, establish a confectioneries and ice creams shop. That autumn, he trained with French pastry chef and chocolatier, Bernard Laloi.


A few months later, Éric opened the Chocolaterie Érico, a small shop in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste area of Quebec City. The next summer, to consolidate the production and sales areas, the store moved into a larger space.  This move also made room for some new, delicious products: cookies, brownies, ice creams and sorbets.


Since then, the Chocolaterie Érico has become well known in Quebec City as a place where chocolate's many qualities are explored. Chocolate and its secrets fascinate and fill people with wonder. To share this magic, 12 years after opening, Éric Normand enlisted the help of museum professionals to integrate a museum into the chocolate shop.

Cedric Allain and Éric Louinet, successors


Since June 2014, two passionate chocolatiers, Cedric Allain and Éric Louinet have picked up the torch and taken over the chocolaterie. While bringing their own expertise to the enterprise, they are also committed to continuing the Érico philosophy: freshness, quality, authenticity and meticulous quality control come before everything.

Cedric Allain has been passionate about the world of pastry and chocolate from a very young age. With a degree in pastry, chocolate and ice-cream making and professional training with the "Compagnons du Devoir" in France, he has spent years perfecting his skills in both France and Quebec.


Indeed, during the past 17 years he has not only improved his techniques with talented pastry chefs such as Franck Dury Pavet (Fous Desserts bakery in Montreal), but also his creativity through his help developing new stores such as a famous chocolaterie in "the Pink City" of Toulouse.


Cedric now wants to use Érico's products to share the unlimited creative potential and incredibly versatile tastes and textures of quality chocolate. 

Éric Louinet is a person with a sweet tooth! At his mother's restaurant, he loved tasting the various pastries she made. Later, he enrolled in a two-year pastry and chocolate making course.


To improve his professional skills, he left his small hometown for Paris. After ten years, he opened his own bakery and chocolate shop, an adventure that lasted for eight wonderful years.


But something was missing. For more than twenty years he had dreamed of it. So finally, he and his family decided to settle in Quebec. Now, after nearly ten years, a new adventure has begun with the Chocolaterie Érico and chocolate museum in beautiful city of Quebec.

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