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The Chocolate Museum

At Érico, the exquisite taste of chocolate is not the only pleasure that awaits you. Attached to the boutique, you will find a cozy museum illustrating the history of chocolate from the Mayan civilization to the present day. Discover a collection of over 200 items from Mexico, the Caribbean Islands and Europe. In this room, not only will you learn about the succulent cocoa plant, but you will be amazed by several artistic creations made entirely of chocolate.


For the curious, a window overlooking the kitchen allows a peek into the artisanal chocolate making process.  Two informative videos are also presented.

A Visit to the Chocolate Museum

Upon arriving at the Chocolate Museum for a free, self-guided tour, visitors are invited to the exhibition hall to choose their own path through our impressive collection. At their own pace, visitors can gaze upon the many artefacts on display, each accompanied by an informative description. The average duration of a visit is 15 to 30 minutes.


On weekdays, those who are curious can see the chocolatiers at work through a window that overlooks the kitchen.  


No reservation is required for groups of less than 9 people.  Groups of 10 people or more must make a reservation.  The capacity of the space allows us to welcome groups of up to 20 people at a time. 


For more information, please fill the form below or contact us by phone at 418 524-2122 or by e-mail at

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