Bulk chocolate and ingredients

Everything for your culinary needs!

In the boutique, we offer a selection of more than 25 different chocolates from all around the world and many other ingredients for your chocolate making adventure:  praline butter, glucose, fondant, feuilletine flakes, etc.. 

Chocolate in large chunks or chips

All of our couverture chocolates chips or chunks are professional and contain only cocoa butter and no other fat. You can use them for your pastry recipes, handmande chocolates, truffles, frozen recipes ...

Érico's caramel spreads

For gourmands and those looking for caramel spread or coulis to accompany their homemade recipes. We offer 3 caramels with different flavors: caramel fleur de sel, caramel maple and caramel with four spices.

Chocolate pancake mix

Treat yourself and your loved ones by making chocolate pancakes from the Érico recipe.

Hot chocolate powder mix

Make the best of hot chocolate at home with our assortment of hot chocolate powder. (Aztec, Maya, European, Classical and Erico).

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