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Hot Chocolates

Enjoy one of our 10 hot chocolates made with pure single origin chocolate or cocoa powder and enhanced, according to your taste, with whipped cream, honey and spices or a pinch of hot peppers.  A line of chocolate mixes made with high quality cocoa powder and vanilla sugar is also available to take home.

All our hot chocolates are heated and frothed with hot steam. They are then served in either cups or bowls to be enjoyed on-site or in paper cups to be sipped while strolling the friendly Faubourg Saint-Jean!


Hot chocolate Menu



A smaller version of the Bambini (made with milk chocolate), this drink is served with mini marshmallows.




Served in a small espresso cup, this rich, luscious blend is made by mixing 35% cream with Ecuador (71% cocoa) and Tanzania (75% cocoa) chocolate. A delectably full-bodied hot chocolate!




A velvety blend of two rich cocoa powders (22% cocoa butter) and bitter-sweet chocolate (58% cocoa), this recipe is enhanced with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon in the style of traditional 19th Century European hot chocolates. 




A comforting hot chocolate made ​​with milk chocolate. The mild and smooth flavour of this drink will appeal to kids of all ages!




If you are looking for a rich and tasty hot chocolate, the Érico is for you.  We make it with bitter Ecuador chocolate (71% cocoa).  




In Italy, the hot chocolate served in gelaterias is like a hot pudding. Unfortunately, it is often made ​​with commercial powder dissolved in milk. Our "Italian" mixture is made with two different rich cocoa powders and extra bitter Uganda chocolate (80% cocoa). It will take you on a flavour-full trip!



This satisfying hot chocolate is made with soy milk, rich cocoa powder and extra-bitter Ecuador chocolate (71% cocoa).  It is the perfect hot chocolate for anyone with intolerance to dairy products.




The ultimate adventure for chocoholics! This thick hot chocolate is prepared with a blend of three different dark chocolates: Bitter-Sweet (58% cocoa), Ecuador (71% cocoa) and Tanzania (75% cocoa) and two rich cocoa powders. We finish it off with a dab of whipped cream and a swirl of homemade dark chocolate sauce.




Are you craving both hot chocolate and coffee? Let yourself be seduced by this tempting hot chocolate made with dark coffee chocolate and an infusion of Antigua Guatemala coffee (fresh coffee roasted by Brûlerie de Café de Québec, on rue Saint-Jean). 


Alto el Sol 


Inspired by the hot chocolate served in reputable Parisian salons, this hot chocolate is made with only two ingredients: whole milk and organic Peru Alto el Sol chocolate (65% cocoa, vintage 2012), an exceptional chocolate.



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